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Approximately 60% of the films intended for food flexible packaging correspond to laminated films made of different materials. Obtaining multilayer structures has allowed to increase the applications of plastic materials for food packaging. In most cases there is no a single material that meets all the requirements necessary for the preservation of the product, so that the combination of different materials which provide different properties and functions allows to offer an optimal structure for packaging. We offer the opportunity to buy at a single point the most significant plastic and aluminum raw materials used in the manufacturing of these multilayer structures.


This application could be considered as a graphic arts sub-market, but given its importance we consider it separately. The materials most used for label manufacturing are paper, PET and BOPP. New trends in this market have led to develop materials that allow placing the label within the same injection mold, providing finishes where physically or visually separating packaging from labels is impossible. We can offer a wide range of products including these innovative IML applications as well as any other more conventional label application.


In graphic art applications, a protection or aesthetic sense is particularly sought. Materials for laminating on paper or cardboard are used to give the laminated structure an aspect of gloss or matte finish while protecting the paper surface from external abrasions. BOPP is one of the thermoplastics most often used in these applications.


Thermoplastics used in industrial applications look for properties in the materials that confer medium to high stiffness and mechanical strength, sometimes also weather and thermal aging resistance and insulating properties, among others. PET is one of the thermoplastics most often used in these applications.


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    The most representative product families marketed by the company are:

    PET (polyester), BOPP (polypropylene), BOPA (polyamide) and Aluminium foil


    Services offered by the company



    Focused on the industrial pastry, agricultural sector and coffee. The micro-perforation requieres high temperatures and is done with hot needles. Applications: bakery bags for bread, coffee filters, etc


    Giving support to the markets of vegetables, fruit, cured meat, sausages and other meats. The macro-perforation process is performed in cold (punching). Applications: bags of salami and other cured meats, vegetables, fruits and flowers wrap.
    Resmado de films de PET

    Sheeting PET films

    High thicknesses from 50 µ to 350.
    Corte y rebobinado

    Slitting and rewinding

    Slitters from 800 mm to 2200 mm useful width. We can deliver rolls slit from 10 mm to 2200 mm wide.

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