Trading Films offers services of slitting, rewinding, macro-perforation, micro-perforation and sheeting of many materials.

Our team of professionals has over 20-year experience in handling films and provide advice for any kind of demand.

We are primarily a service company and as such we are concerned for your needs to be fully met. Our sense of empathy leads us to working with you to the extent we possibly can. Please consult us any question, concern or new need arising.

Slitting and rewinding

We are one of the leaders in slitting and rewinding in the Flexible Packaging, Graphic arts and Industrial fields. With a useful width of coil input ranging from 400 mm to 2400 mm, we can deliver rolls slit from 10 mm to 2400 mm wide, with a maximum outside diameter of 800 mm. We are versatile to deliver the reels in 76 or 152 mm of internal diameter, at customer´s convenience.


Another of our services is the micro-perforation done with hot needles, mainly for the industrial pastry and the agricultural sector.

Micro-perforation features:

  • Hole diameter: From 0.8 to 1 mm.
  • Distance between holes: Min 10 mm.
  • Maximum width of micro-perforated rolls: 1600 mm.
  • Minimum width of micro-perforated rolls: 60 mm.
  • Reservations upon customer request.
  • Internal diameter: 76 and 152 mm.
  • External diameter: Up to 800 mm.


The macro-perforation process is performed in cold and is primarily intended to the sector of cold meat and fruit and vegetable market.

Macro-perforation features:

  • Hole diameter: 6 mm.
  • Distance between holes: Min 30 mm (vertical and horizontal).
  • Maximum number of perforations (width): 15 in horizontal.
  • Maximum width of macro-perforated rolls: 1600 mm.
  • Different designs upon customer request.
  • Print registration system .
  • Internal diameter: 76 and 152 mm.
  • External diameter: Up to 800 mm.


Trading Films can deliver material in formats instead of reels. Typically used for high thickness polyester films (from 50 to 350 μ).

Sheeting features:

  • Cutting in formats mainly for high thickness polyester films.
  • Maximum format of 1000 x 2000 (Width x Length).
  • Upon customer´s request, separation paper sheets can be included between sheets.


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